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0.35 micron Libraries

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GlobalCAD 0.35um Library
GlobalCAD is under an active and aggressive QA and improvement plan. Customers are advised to consult with a HJTC account manager on GlobaCAD IP and design services.

Standard Cell and I/O

  • 450+ cells
  • Silicon proven
  • Accurate timing characterization
  • Support most of the EDA tools
  • Optimized for Cadence and Synopsys place & route tools
  • High routing density, rout ability, high speed and low power
  • Routable for 3,4,5 metals
  • 3.3V, 5V I/O
  • Drive strength 4,8,12,16, and 24 mA
  • Latch up performance: 500 mA
  • ESD protection: 2.5kV HBM
  • Low leakage current

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0.35-micron Brouchure
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