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HeJian Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., located in the celebrated Suzhou Industrial Park, is a first class foundry service enterprise with abundant foreign capital and the state-of-the-art IC technologies. The first 8-inch fab started production in 2003 May with total investment of over US$ 1.2 billion and monthly capacity of 60,000 wafers. Till now, HeJian has become a foundry which reached monthly and quarterly balance between cost and income in the shortest time. It shows excellent performance of lasting profit-making based on its efficient production and advanced technology. HeJian has formed local IC supply chain by leading the industrial partners in SIP, and realized the first step of our China foundry business deployment.

With the belief of customer-orientation and joint development, HeJian consistently provides customers with comprehensive and competitive service, including MPW、IP、BOAC、Mini-library, etc.. Our experienced professional operation team offers effective support at new products development, process design, delivery schedule, quality improvement and yield enhancement etc.. Devoted to the development of China semiconductor industry, HeJian has established partnership with some design houses, through which it has acquired great achievements in market expansion and operation. HeJian also offers favorable MPW service for local industry bases, and signs cooperation agreements with many famous universities to implement elite localization strategy and to offer employees series of training courses. While focusing on business deployment, HeJian also carries out social engagement by actively joining public welfare activities and assisting with the disadvantaged minority and with the education in poverty-sicken area.

Going forward, HeJian will actively strive to exploit the mainstream market, continuously develop more advanced & unique process technology and expand capacity spontaneously to meet the needs of fast growing market. Moreover, HeJian collaborates on business promotion in Mainland China with Headquarter UMC, and establishes the communication channel with the local design houses to offer the most comprehensive customer-driven foundry solutions.

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